All I can say about this trip, this journey, this experience, is – that I’ve never had anything like it. I’ve been travelling my whole life – I’m a travel agent & have been on 20? 30? Maybe 40 tours & never experienced anything even close to this experience of this one. Every intention I came here with has been fulfilled. The power of this land, the Paqo’s, the animals…everything that holds you & supports your growth is truly exceptional. I feel completely reborn. Completely embodied.

The wisdom of our guide Petra was just unbelievable. To watch & experience her knowing… every step… knowing what to say, what to do, how to hold you, what needs to be said… the truth… she has transformed us all, along with the power of everything else that has been incorporated into this tour. I have had without any question, some of the most powerful experiences of my life in this trip & yesterday specifically, was 1 of the most incredible days of my life. I am so grateful.

If you have been thinking of going on this trip I can’t recommend enough to commit fully & jump in – you’ll be so grateful you did. Nothing can prepare you for what will take place, and it is worth every single cent. And more.

Katey – Australia

Peru is a magical, mystical land and I feel that my journey there has kickstarted something huge within me! Since being back from Peru, my life has completely transformed in many ways – in my motivation, my perception & confidence in myself. I have so much gratitude for Petra for creating this epic journey! Petra holds the magic of Peru in her heart, she embodies the medicine of this land & it shines through all she does. Being in ceremony with Petra is one of the best ways to capture her true essence – she brings her fun, passionate energy combined with her nurturing, gentle love to create an open & fully supportive space. Working with Petra, the Paqo medicine men, the plants & the land were an amazing combination! I felt protected & in a safe space through the entire process.


This land holds ancient wisdom & it showed me some of the deepest, darkest parts of myself, shadows & deep trauma that I’d held in my body for a very long time, energy that was no longer serving me. I began to love these parts of myself & I was shown processes to transmute this energy within me, processes including Petra’s embodiment work, plant medicines & purely being in the presence of the Paqo’s & learning their wisdom passed down in their families through generations. There were moments where I could literally feel my body being reprogrammed, deep stuck emotions literally leaving my body & giving them to the earth to be transformed.


Experiencing the connections with our group created real human bonds & we learnt so much from each other. These connections helped me to shift from hiding to really being seen & heard & loved, an experience that is so nourishing for the soul.


Peru holds a special place in my heart. Thank you Petra & Global Pilgrim for bringing this journey to life, a journey of real transformation that has helped me take full responsibility for myself & step into my power as a sovereign being.

Belinda – Australia

Belinda testimonial

From a text 3 weeks after the tour:

Petra I want to tell you I feel so changed – so free, my chest so clear, buoyant – hard to describe. Resilient & handling things so well. Things don’t have a stronghold on me like they used to. I’ve come back with many new perspectives of myself & my life. Ready to move into creating work & relationships. Possibility – optimistic – happy. Ready for the next chapter! Thank you thank you thank you! For your life-changing work.

Much love,



Ahh Peru! Every single day packed with surprises, adventure, culture,
friendship, love, connection & the sacred.
The journey is deep, yet it is joyous & playful.
It is about Peru yet it is not about Peru.
It is life-changing & transformative.
Petra’s ability to shift from wise women to the playful one to being fully
expressed in her Divine Feminine will hold you along the way.
I have arrived home seeing life from a new platform… seeing new horizons I
couldn’t see before… seeing possibilities I didn’t know were there.
Ahh Peru! She will weave her magic through your being…

Michele – Australia

So bit of a background check on me, the last few years I was stuck in a deeply depressed and anxious state, being a complete hermit. “Enjoying” my solitude, fear-riddled, anxious, insecure, wounded & misreading my interaction with others & numb to life. It wasn’t a fun state to be in, so I decided I needed to pull myself out of this state & claim my life back.

Petra & this Peruvian experience helped me to do just that.  Not only did I reclaim my self worth & new-found love for myself, but it gave me new vision to see the beauty of life within.

These 3 weeks broke me & challenged me but in experiencing that, they also expanded my ability for effortless compassion & acceptance, & unconditional love.

All my misperceptions of myself, my victim states, my delusions & negative beliefs were challenged & came crumbling down. It was absolutely magnífico!

Going to Peru was nothing short of a spiritual, mental & physical rebirth. Literally!!

The land, the Peruvian people, the ceremonies, the medicine all played such an important part in uncovering WHO I AM, and remembering who I was born to be.

I have meditated & followed the disciplined holistic spiritual path for half a decade now & nothing connected me to my true spirit & infinite consciousness like the Andean Medicine. It helped me to heal physical ailments, dissolve mental chatter & illusions – realign consciously with confidence & purpose.

What I felt & embodied in Peru with Petra & our family of 7 Aussies & the Paqos, was the connection & healing my soul & body were longing for. It makes me emotional just re-telling this.

Oh how I love you Petra & your passion. An experience NO ONE should miss.

Dorothy – Australia

Dorothy testimonial

Well a once-in-a-lifetime tour for me has been twice-in-a-lifetime as I joined in again with the MAGIC of 2017. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as last year had been so amazing but this year was just next level. The transformations that I experienced have been even more powerful; the learnings are still unfolding as I integrate all that I saw, felt & had the biggest blessing of being a part of. It’s changed the way I look at myself & life in general – I have continued with practices that I learned last year & now with the work deepening inside me since returning from this years’ tours, am going through my days with even more branches of wisdom that I share & continue to practice. Petra you are not only a tour leader but an inspiration the way you hold space for your tribe & the way you completely embody everything that you are teaching & all that the medicine men share with us. You are there for a silent hand to hold, warm safe hugs & a shoulder to cry on. But you are also there to dance, sing & laugh till we cry. You are truly what makes this tour so special.
This year’s journey has again gone above & beyond everything, I could have wished for & I am so excited for next year haha. With infinite love and blessings to you…

Hannah xxx 2017


“It is very difficult to summarise 3 weeks into a short description for people to capture the inspirational journey that was the Sacred Valley of Peru with Petra from Global Pilgrim. The entire tour was power-charged all the way through our 2 weeks of actually being on the move to visit many sacred ruins & portals, including the iconic Machu Picchu. Every day was an absolute gift to our senses & spirits, as we experienced the magnitude & magic of these sacred mountains & sites.

Aside from all the wonder and beauty of being in the Valley and connecting with the mountains, special highlights for me included the intention setting between 1-5 times a day, regular Ceremonies & rituals with the amazing medicine men, who guided us everywhere, held us in sacred, safe space, played their stunning music with flutes & drums and taught us so much about the history, philosophy & way of life of their land & people, & bonding with all the men & women during the tour so that we truly felt like family.

This tour was carefully crafted by Petra to experience the sacredness of Peru, to connect deeply with the land & people & to open our hearts & minds to the incredible planet we live on, continuing to count our blessings daily. I cannot wait for the next Global Pilgrim tour I am able to journey on & I know I’ll go back to Peru. Totally in love.

Gracias, beautiful Petra, for offering this gift to people from all walks of life.”

Krissi – Australia


I met Petra at a Cacao Ceremony – it was a high energy group setting and Petra’s professional facilitation of the ceremony led the group through dancing to internal journeying to intimate shared connection. With Petra’s words guiding me I reconnected with my inner child on a level I hadn’t experienced since I was that child – this reconnection was powerful beyond words. Since then, I have had the opportunity to experience her excellent capabilities as a trauma therapist and medicine woman through both 1:1 sessions and group ceremonies.

When the mention of Peru came up my intuition told me I had to make the trip – it was 100% on point. Our time in Peru seemed to extend beyond measure – after 3 weeks it felt like we had journeyed for years. In addition to experiencing the many beautiful, AMAZING powerful places and soaking up the ancient wisdom from both land and people, Petra guided us along a deep journey into ourselves. Every day was a reminder of how powerful we are, of MY POWER, of the true beauty of global family, Pachamama and Father Sky, the directional spirits and Peruvian wisdom, and of connection to our roots. By the end of our journey together, while the process will always continue, I felt like I had shifted out of the cocoon of grief, anxiety, depression, and self-doubt I had been blanketing myself in and had opened my wings, ready to embody the Hummingbird I am.

Petra radiates power & presence that makes her a formidable medicine woman. At the same time, she supports growth with her gentle, nurturing love. Petra’s guidance has been pivotal in my journey to shift childhood traumas & mental health issues, & achieve exponential personal growth & empowerment. She is more than a medicine woman and mentor, she is a sister and life-long friend. I am eternally grateful for every moment we have shared.

Naomi – Australia

Global Pilgrim’s Peru trip was a gorgeously curated space for personal exploration and expansion. It was an extraordinary privilege to travel on sacred lands & be deeply held by Petra & her team of gifted Paqos & others through sacred practices. So many things came to completion on this pilgrimage – patterns & processes that had served their time & were now desperately ready for release. What a gift to finally welcome in a new way of being & seeing in the world – a once in a lifetime opportunity to share in such transformational change with kindred spirits.

Emma – Australia

My fellow pilgrims and I talk about this trip BP and AP – before Peru & after Peru, the trip was that profound & magical. There is so much self-work & understanding I’m living in now AP. I booked the trip on a whim after my first Cacao Ceremony with Petra, & I’m so grateful I did. The land itself is filled with transformational energy & SO much beauty. Each sacred site & medicine journey prepares you for the next, to support you in your process – these journeys helped my inner Lotus bloom from the mud. The location, the people & the journeys all set the scene for me to reconnect with myself & transform in ways my conscious mind had not conceived. We had so much fun amongst the work of delving into the shadows. So much fun & lightness we didn’t want the days to end! Each day felt like 3 days in one, my heart was soaring & all chakras were firing on full cylinders. The trip that Petra has so lovingly planned allows you to not only transform, but be the best kind of traveller in Peru. Machu Picchu is amazing, but Peru has many more awe-inspiring sites & I feel so fortunate to have seen them & journeyed there with such beautiful people.

Alexis  – Australia

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough – it is worth every single cent! Do whatever you have to do, to make sure you go on this tour! You will experience tremendous growth & learnings that will change your life in the most positive ways.

Rachel – Australia

“Wow where do I start! I didn’t second guess this journey with Global Pilgrim – I had come across it for a reason and I can tell you that it was the most life-changing thing that I have ever done. What started off as a trip to Peru to see some famous sacred sights quickly turned into the most profound heart-singing experience that I have ever had.

From the moment that I met you Petra and the Paqo’s that first night, I knew that this was going to be a little different to what I had expected & it all just felt so right. Day after incredible day was more soul healing & life-enhancing, with so much fun and enjoyable twists and turns the whole way… A true celebration in every moment.

I am forever grateful to you Petra for putting this trip together. I learnt things about myself that I carry through with me everyday, drawing on the wisdom that was passed on to us while on our journey. Because of your hard work and passion I can truly say that I am a changed woman… with life-long friends and treasured memories. Things will never be the same & for that I am so grateful – to have come across you, Global Pilgrim & all this amazing tour offered.

Love you… A very deep thank you for you, & all that you do.”

Hannah – Australia


“A huge thank you to the beautiful Petra Lane Founder of for creating the amazing opportunity I just experienced. If you are interested in visiting Peru & want a more authentic and meaningful trip, then you want to travel with Petra. After 2 & a half weeks away visiting sacred sites, meditating, hiking, camping & Ceremony, I feel like a new person – it’s been the most life-changing thing I have ever done. And I cant forget to mention the gorgeous Andean men we had the pleasure of traveling alongside, for their support & guidance – and the copious amounts of laughter & fun!!
There are just too many awesome things to mention on one post! Thankyou thankyou thankyou Petra, much love 💜 I cant wait to travel with you again & my beautiful sisters I met on our trip.” 

Rowena – Australia