The Founder

In 2014, walking through the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney just after Christmas, I asked myself – what do you really want to do with your work Petra?


I was working mainly in Corporate Strategic Transformation at the time and dearly valued working in a field that was contributing to the evolving consciousness of humanity. Supporting the growth of Conscious Leadership in the corporate industry gave me a profound feeling of contentment & purpose. Yet ultimately… I had been sitting behind a desk for 8 years, tapping away at a computer, contributing to someone else’s dream.


Hiking in the nature among Australian eucalypts & waterfalls, butterflies & birds, the question came – what do you really want to do with your work? The answer came loud & strong in a thunder-clap moment of clarity:




Never before had the answer to this question come so clearly and strongly! Straight after this moment of truth, three words flew at me:



Petra Lane

Remembering back to that moment, I can’t help but laugh. Those 3 words were like the white, sharp lightening-bolt of truth after a roll of thunder! There was no denying the direct power of the message.


It had been clear for a long time that I would work in the field of transformation – ‘evolving consciousness’ had been my life-blood for 20 years in various ways, both personally & professionally.

As an adjunct to the Conscious Leadership corporate work, my part-time Bachelor degree in Psychological Science (minor in Counselling) was almost complete & I was beginning to hold sessions in the somatic healing space. The Psychosomatic Bodywork Therapy Training I had completed years before was a great support in this. I was loving holding sacred ceremonies working with plant medicine Cacao in heart-based, healing process.

Transformation, empowerment & the importance of ‘freedom’ were threaded through my whole life & belief system. And underpinning it all was my beautiful 8-year-old daughter… being with her was a journey of conscious presence & awareness – every day!


For the year prior to the moment in the Blue Mountains, I had been brewing quietly this dream to blend transformation & travel, yet had never let it fully surface and take over. The call to ‘safety’ had kept my bottom on my seat, literally and figuratively! But from that lightning bolt moment, my path was set.

The Vision

For the next months, as I marinated this newfound sense of clarity & accountability, the vision began to materialise.


I wanted to create itineraries to the most potent power-spots of our Earth, holidaying in semi-luxury, working with the indigenous masters of the land, creating opportunity for people to authentically immerse in the global village & return home from holiday blasted back to themselves, fully invigorated & transformed. Feeling fully ON TRACK to taking all steps necessary to live from a place of enlivenment. Aligned of body, mind & soul.


In it’s natural essence, Global Pilgrim is about this, ENLIVENMENT.


I know from experience, that when we are engaged in joy with all we do – work, relationships, health etc, we are ON PURPOSE. We spark. My intention is create a container for our SPARK to come alive. And if we’re already sparking – well, we get the most amazing adventure-ride ever to all the bucket-list destinations Global Pilgrim can offer.

Petra Lane

The Mission

And so I started. I travelled to my favourite power-spot of the world, Machu Picchu, and travelled with a dear friend who offered a similar tour to the one I was envisioning. Returned back to Peru in 2 months, met with all types of medicine men, tour guides, teachers & locals and settled on the most potent in these offerings for my first trip. I travelled to hotels, scoured ancient sites, attended Ceremonies, climbed mountains and scouted out the most incredible itinerary possible to fulfil my dream.


And then I did it – WE did it. For months the various providers in Peru & I liaised to create an itinerary that is designed to change lives. And I must say, the Peru itinerary really is kick-butt. People who have been to the Sacred Valley have given feedback that the itinerary is powerful beyond. And I know it. It really is all the ultimate Sacred Valley experiences rolled into 1 delicious, 2.5-week ride. I’m totally proud of it.

We launched our first Peru trip in May 2016 and had 3.5 months to find those called to the trip before we departed in August. In those 3.5 months, 5 people contacted Global Pilgrim and jumped full force into the adventure. A group of 6 women ready to experience all that Peru has to offer.


It was incredible. Everything I had envisioned, and more. Laughter. Global family. Embodiment. Physical challenge. Deep healing. New insights. Reinvigoration. Inner power. CONNECTION.


Returning home from Peru I KNEW – this dream is real. The vision & power of Global Pilgrim is real. As we all soaked in this incredible experience – me, my fellow travellers, and the guides we had the fortune to travel with, we all felt it. The time had come for this work to spread to the world.


After 3 tours to the Sacred Valley & Lake Titicaca, in 2019 we extended our program to include Aotearoa (New Zealand). Alongside to Maori warrior Matiu Te Huki, we travelled as a group of 15 along the North & South Islands, learning with elders of the power of this ancient culture, blowing hearts and souls wide open.

The Future

And so… the Global Pilgrim dream! The intention is to find and work with the masters in Uluru, Japan, Mongolia, Norway (experiencing The Northern Lights with the indigenous Sami tribe!? OMG!!) and beyond. As we amp-up & create a global force in the small-group tour industry, I will be looking for other travelling legends to facilitate the tour-group experience in my stead. Together I want to create a global, household-name, conscious travel company with other amazing, aware beings. Community doing it together.


Aligned with the dream to blend transformation and travel, is the desire to spread the indigenous wisdom of the ages through our modern, global community. Our ancient tribal cultures have so much to teach us on so many levels. The grounding down, and the slowing down….


The days of travelling only to ‘see’ a place are over.


Global Pilgrim is about creating a forum for all of us to know & FEEL the essence of the land – the people – the true culture – so we can return home feeling the place in our bones. Having worked with indigenous culture deeply as we do, they enter our DNA. Their wisdom filters into us and as we morph, the ancient wisdom spreads to the people around us – friends, families, businesses, communities, cities – gently transforming the world, as we all grow into the most amazing beings we are, looking after ourselves & the planet we inhabit. In paying the indigenous culture for their time & offering, we give back to small, local communities & promote sustainable, global empowerment.

In all these ways, we create a new wave of Conscious Tourism – for the upliftment of us all.




Known for the wisdom, integrity & authenticity she embodies, Petra creates a safe container for people to explore deep connection & true empowerment, in this moment.


Having studied a Bachelor in the Science of Psychology at Uni (minor in Counselling), somatic-release facilitation with a Cert III in Psychosomatic Bodywork Therapy, and trained as a teacher in Intimacy, Polarity & Embodiment by Michaela Boehm & Steve James, Petra is also an apprentice in the Rainbow Lineage of the Paqo’s (shamans) of the Andes.


Interested in methodologies known to facilitate change / integration on a cellular level, she combines somatic (body-based) process, shamanic methodology, neuroscience & practical, heart-centred action as vehicles for freedom.


Specialising in trauma integration, empowered interpersonal relationships & the clarity that comes from taking radical accountability, Petra holds a powerful space for those that join her in group process, mentoring / individual sessions and the pilgrimages she leads around the world.