Global Pilgrim creates bucket-list experiences for the adventurous traveller interested in something MORE. World-class quality travel experiences that immerse fully into the global village. We want to get IN. To truly know a place, you need to travel with the locals, so we do – but Global Pilgrim takes it to a whole other level.


Our programs are created to give you access to the traditional heritage of the land. We journey with medicine men, elders, monks, high priestesses, cosmologists to create itineraries that are designed to blow you sky-high.

Machu Picchu’s energy standing next to our shamans? Be prepared. Walking around the base of Uluru after having worked with Aboriginal elders? OMG.


We create experiences within the global village that touch hearts, that inspire – that clean you out. The cultural immersion with the Masters means you get to stimulate your knowledge base, deepen your wisdom and learn how to apply that mastery for your own life – if that’s what you’re called to do. These tours are guaranteed to press the RESET BUTTON, they will bring you back home feeling truly, alarmingly, alive.


Combined with this incredibleness we provide a sanctuary in our group experience that is all about transformation. We practise yoga, meditation to keep the body / mind sharp & flexible. We hike – hard. We work with our intentions. We experience Ceremony according to the ancient, local way.

Global Pilgrim provides more inspiring, meaningful, environmentally aware travel experiences than what is currently on offer.


The container within our travel experience is all about connection – to the land, the people, each other. We travel together in a way this is warm, fun, enjoyable & safe.


Choose your own adventure, map your own life. Create amazingness!


Which journey is calling you? Our vision for the next 5 years is to keep adding to the list – we’ll be going to Japan, Sedona, Nepal, Egypt, Mongolia, Norway. We’re going to hunt down the best quality immersion experiences we can find, and send you there to work with the people who know the space best. Help us spread the word. Let’s all transform together.