The Sacred Valley of the Inca’s is a fertile stretch of land offering world-class magic to the global traveller. Vistas that humble you with their immensity, people that touch you with their joie de vivre, and ancient sites that speak of a secret time long past. The true mystery of the Valley can only unfold by travelling with the original people of the land however, and that is where Global Pilgrim offers you something truly unique. In tandem with the Masters of The Sacred Valley, we have created a life-changing itinerary that gets you intimately acquainted with the real Peru, guaranteed to deliver you home ‘reset’ on all levels – deeply invigorated to create a life you love.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas offers secrets unknown by most who visit the region – these secrets reveal an ancient wisdom & way of life that is gaining in popular interest around the world.


Our once-in-a-lifetime program has been designed to take in the incredible well-known tourist wonders of the region, while also giving us access to these ancient mysteries. We start by connecting with the fascinating Indigenous knowledge handed down from the Andean mountain people – the Qero’s & Paqo’s of the Rainbow lineage. Their wisdom is gently revealed to us by working one-on-one with the Qero’s & by travelling long-term with the Paqo medicine men. These beautiful men live with full respect for Pachamama & all living beings, existing in a state of balance & harmony, in full connection to themselves & in deep communion with the land around them.  We gain access to this balance as a felt experience as we travel together – we incorporate the shamanic practices that cultivate this harmony, and live the wisdom that we are learning.


Experiencing the ancient practices that have been handed down through the generations, we sit together in Huachuma Ceremony, Despacho Ceremony. We work every day with the sacred coca leaves in powerful intention-setting practices & are initiated in ancient Ceremony by sacred lakes.


We visit the most important sites that the locals call ‘power-portals’. These sites have been a place of devotion, prayer & ritual for thousands of years and as such transmit a high-vibrational energy that is both pure & transformational. When we are open to these energies, insights naturally arise, messages are naturally revealed & our clarity deepens.

We camp on Apu’s – sacred mountains of the region – & practice what it is to be in communion with these powerful spirits. We connect to the traditional plant medicine of the region, Huachuma, shedding anything that no longer serves. In so doing, the shining truth of our nature is revealed. We climb mountains, & strengthen our mastery. We travel as a global family, processing what it means to live deeply connected & from the heart, learning off each other in a constant flow of ‘ayni’ – recipriocity – experientially knowing the powerful transformative spirit of ‘ayllu’ – community.


Complete with 4 star hotels, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, traditional plant medicine, campfires, ancient ruins & mind-blowing scenery – this life-changing program is World’s Best.


Our journey starts in the bellybutton of The Sacred Valley, the famous historical capital city of the Inca’s, Cusco. We climb to 12,000 feet on the outskirts of this charming city to explore the giant monoliths at Sacsayhuaman, an architectural marvel of the modern world. We meet Paqo Puma Quispe, famous in the region for his traditional wisdom; he provides us with a deeper understanding of the importance of this UNESCO World Heritage Listed site, along with our 2nd ancient site, Tambomachay. This afternoon we will be introduced to our Q’ero guides, Luis & Juan, as introduction for our medicine journey tomorrow. Following this optional experience, we have a free day in Cusco to enjoy all the sights the city has to offer.

After our Cusco immersion we travel deeper into The Sacred Valley. Dotted with old villages and towns, The Sacred Valley is a captivating part of the world that gives us a sense of how the Andean’s lived hundreds of years ago before the Spanish conquest. We visit the famous terraced ruins at Pisac, enjoy the market day to connect with locals, buy friends & family gifts, and continue on to Urubamba village for the next 3 nights’ rest.


Puma continues with us for 3 days ahead as our guide, as we explore the famous ruins of Moray & continue on to Chinchero to immerse ourselves in real-life culture with Puma’s family. We have the opportunity here to see how family creates the colourful textiles Peru is so famous for. From here we travel to a special site for overnight camping that gives us access to sightings of the mystical bird the Condor, the worlds 2nd largest land-bird & the holder of great wisdom for the Andeans. This special site is one of the least visited, most beautiful scenery spots in the area.


The picturesque town of Ollantaytambo is next on our journey as we prepare for the experience that is Machu Picchu. With it’s babbling waterways & cobblestone streets, this 800-year-old town is both charming & seductive. With our special guide Gabriela, we explore the mountain-side ruins, have time for rest and enjoy soaking in the beauty that is this ancient town. This afternoon South America’s most scenic train-ride delivers us to the Machu Picchu region and we prepare for the majestic experience that is waiting for us around the corner.

Ahh Machu Picchu! Described by UNESCO as “among the greatest artistic, architectural and land use achievements anywhere”, this amazing site is the crowning glory of The Sacred Valley & one of the most incredible wonders of the modern world. Most tour companies offer 1 day only at this site, however we feel this is absolutely not enough to truly get a feel for Machu Picchu. If we’re going to travel so far to see this place, let’s really see it, let’s really get to know it well. We have 2 days to explore the site in full, giving us plenty of time to explore the maze that is Machu Picchu itself with the regions most famous tour guide, Kucho.


On our 2nd day we explore Huaynu Picchu – the huge mountain standing behind the ruins & dominating all the photography of the Machu Picchu site. Huaynu Picchu is an experience unto itself. Choose between a wickedly exhilarating climb on Incan steps to the summit, for world class views back over Machu Picchu ruins, or choose a leg-trembling climb down to The Temple of the Moon for peaceful sanctuary. Take your pick – they are both amazing. We return to Ollantaytambo on this 2nd Machu Picchu day for rest, rest, rest. Your legs will need it.


After our incredible Machu Picchu experience, we spend a rest day at Ollantaytambo before saying goodbye to Gaby and hello to the Paqo’s from Inkayni Tours. With these very special men we travel to Ausangate, the highest mountain peak of the Willkapampa range in the Peruvian Andes & one of the most important mountains to the traditional people. The Inkayni men will be our guides for this last portion of our journey, as we explore this immense, snow-capped mountain. Hiking to turquoise lakes, taking part in Andean Ceremony and camping under the stars, we soak in the stillness before returning to Cusco.


For some here the journey ends however the OPTIONAL EXTRA of journeying to Lake Titicaca will give the traveler to Peru a more in depth experience of all Peru has to offer.


For the next 5 days we travel through the highest navigable body of water in the world & ‘birthplace of the sun’ – Lake Titicaca, having opportunity to stay in traditional homestays on the island, exploring the incredible sacred sites there and learning of the cultural heritage while taking in ancient Andean Ceremony.

July 3 – Day 1: ARRIVE IN CUSCO

Transfer to our 4-star boutique Hotel; unpack, settle in, explore this beautiful city. Soak it all up, change money, buy last-minute supplies and meet at 4pm for our welcome briefing with our first guides Simon & Q’ero shaman Luis. Dinner at Restaurant Tunupa together.

Accommodation: OM Hotel


Morning yoga & meditation. After breakfast, we will be met by Simon Myburgh, who will take us for a walk high above Cusco in the mountains to tracks that take us into lesser-known power-spots above the City. For lunch, we make our way to the Mountain House, situated 12,000 feet above the city, a sanctuary all of its own. Sitting in a flower-filled garden amidst hummingbirds & Temple de la Luna, we take part in Despacho Ceremony – a powerful prayer to Pachamama that ignites blessings for our journey – with Q’ero brothers Juan & Luis.


Early morning yoga & meditation. After breakfast we meet with Puma Quispe, the regions most famous shaman. A traditional coca-leaf reading will kick-start your Rainbow journey with this powerful man, after which we will be led to Sacsayhuaman, Cusco’s most epic ruins. The huge monoliths at this sacred site speak of a Lemurian time when energy surpassed matter. More on this at the site from Puma! From there we travel to a little-known water cave, basking in the energy of transformation & rebirth. Later in the evening, we prepare for our sacred journey with Huachuma, gathering in the Mountain House for sound journey.

Accommodation: Mountain house

July 6 – Day 4: PLANT MEDICINE

Morning yoga & meditation. After a fruit breakfast, we begin our work with the light of Huachuma, traditional Plant Medicine of the Andes. Huachuma is a native cactus of the region, an ancestral drink that has been taken as medicine for more than 5,000 years.


Huachuma has the power to re-code DNA, re-connect neural pathways to love / connection & release trauma. Scientific studies researching the link between transformation, epigenetics & shamanic work have confirmed the power of this Medicine of the Heart. We soak in this magical day with Q’ero guides as our support, in the incredible beauty of the Mountain House in the mountains of Cusco.

Accommodation: Mountain House

July 7 – Day 5: FREE DAY CUSCO

Integration Circle after breakfast; then back down to explore Cusco to your heart’s content. Markets, museums, massages, Churches – there is so much delight to be had in this stunning city – the Puma head of the Andes.

Accommodation: OM Hotel


Rising early we meet again with Puma & his team & start our drive to Chonta, a tiny village deep in the Andes. We hike to a spectacular viewing spot to see the wild Andean Condor in flight. The majesty of these amazing birds, the play of light & the out-of-this-world scenery in the Apurimac canyon make for one of the most incredible days of the tour (see video). We camp for the evening in Chonta village & sing around the fire under the beauty of the Milky Way.

Accommodation: Comfortable camping


After a hearty breakfast, we bundle back into the coaches and make our way to the incredible ancient site Quillarumiyoq, named for its enigmatic stone altar dedicated to the moon. Around this famous altar, there are lesser-known altars that make this location one of the most powerful in the region of Cusco, especially because of its altars dedicated to the divine feminine energies of Mother Earth. We will soak in the special energy here working with Wachuma & camping on the land, under the stars.

Accommodation: Comfortable camping


Morning embodiment practice. Today we arrive in Chinchero, the hometown of our master teacher Puma. We will spend the afternoon in his Temple dedicated to the ascension of humanity, working with plant medicine in Ceremony, being guided in ancient wisdom & Andean cosmology.

Accommodation: La Casa de Barro Lodge


Morning yoga & meditation, and then free time to explore the beautiful ruins of Ollantaytambo. These ruins are both fortress and temple and are not to be missed when touring the Sacred Valley in all its fullness. In the afternoon we board our train for the most beautiful & exciting 2-hour train ride in South America …. journey to the heart of Machu Picchu.

Accommodation: Andina Machu Picchu or Sanctuary Machu Picchu


Very early-morning rise to be one of the first on the coach as we make our magical, switchback ascent to the glory that is Machu Picchu. Once we have arrived and checked through customs, we make our way to terraces high in the ruins. We settle in & watch the sunrise make its way over the mountains as first light hits Machu Picchu, a bucket-list experience.

We have all day to explore this incredible city & take full advantage of our shaman guide, Edgar. He guides us through the most special spots and gives us an experience, unlike modern-day others, as we soak in the high-vibrational energy Machu Picchu offers. 

Accommodation: Andina Machu Picchu or Sanctuary Machu Picchu


We return by coach to Machu Picchu this day to fully explore the majesty of Huaynu Picchu, the sacred mountain that sits in the middle of the ruins. The option is to climb the ancient Incan steps to the top, for scenery that is world class – out of any league, with expansive views over Machu Picchu.

Alternatively, you can go south, following the steps to Temple de La Luna. This very special Temple sits in the bowl of the mountain and is a quiet sanctuary for integration & powerful alignment. Making your way, way back down the mountain at your own pace, we meet for the train ride back to Ollantaytambo.

Accommodation: Casa Blanca Lodge


Following breakfast, we have the opportunity to continue soaking in the beauty of Ollantaytambo while rejuvenating from our Machu Picchu experience. Book a massage (we have organized Cusco’s best to come be of service on this day) or explore Ollantaytambo at your leisure. Dinner with our Paqo guides, Percy, Alfredo & Edgar whom we will be travelling with for the remainder of our tour.

Accommodation: Casa Blanca Lodge


Early morning embodiment practise. Our powerful medicine guides lead us to a sacred & special waterfall power-site known only to locals, outside of Ollantaytambo, for ancient Ceremony working with medicine. In the afternoon we will visit a traditional Chicha house to enjoy this ancient fermented drink of the Andes.

Accommodation: Casa Blanca Lodge


Today we will begin our journey to the chief of chiefs, Apu Ausangate. As we drive first through the Sacred Valley then begin the ascent to the high plains that surround this massive mountain range, there is plenty to observe and receive from this adventure through many villages and micro-climates.

In the evening we will arrive in the community of Paqchanta, the end of the road and the last community at the base of the mountain. Here our homestay family will receive us. After settling in we will gather to prepare an offering for Apu Ausangate and for the journey that each of us is about to embark on through this powerful domain. Ausangate is considered the “Chief” mountain of the entire region of Cusco, along with brother mountain Salkantay. In the evening we will enjoy a meal prepared by the family then have the rest of the night free to soak in the amazing hot springs right outside our doorway and gaze at the stars.

Lodging: Paqchanta Homestay


Today we will make the ascent gradually during a few hours to the lakes at the base of the glacier. Midday there will be initiations (Karpay ritual) between you and Apu Ausangate’s lake Otorongo, which in Quechua means “jaguar lake.” This exact spot has been known for thousands of years as a site of pilgrimage to which many healers have come to be initiated on their paths. Upon returning to Paqchanta in the evening we will enjoy another home cooked meal and another fine evening below the stars in the volcanic springs.

Lodging: Paqchanta Homestay

July 18 – Day 16: FREE DAY AUSANGATE

Free day at Ausangate. Sit in Circle, do yoga & meditation, journal & rest in the thermal hot springs to integrate & relax before the final leg of our journey.

Lodging: Paqchanta Homestay


Today we will depart Ausangate and continue south towards the city of Puno on Lake Titicaca, stopping along the way for a visit at the lithic museum of Pucara to learn from these ancient masters, a culture that pre-dated the Inca by thousands of years.

Lodging: Qalasaya Hotel

July 20 – Day 18: PUNO SACRED SITE

Early morning we will make our way to one of the most powerful sacred sites outside of Puno. Working with medicine we will receive the teaching from the masters of this incredible site while being supported by our Paqo guides to shed the old & stand in our shining light.

Lodging: Qalasaya Hotel


Early morning we will head through the city of Puno down to its port on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Our boat will take us out through the bay of Puno and into the vastness of the highest navigable lake in the world. First, we will stop to visit one of the many floating islands of the Uros culture and learn about these unique peoples, hear about their origins and learn about their lifestyle. Back on the boat, we will continue towards the Island of Amantani. Here we will enjoy a traditional homestay with a family from the community. This evening we will prepare our offering together to give thanks and praise for our arrival to this region of Lake Titicaca which represents the biggest Mother Earth womb of the Andes.

Lodging: Amantani Homestay


Morning yoga & meditation on the land under the sun. After a traditional breakfast, we will ascend to the two hilltops of this island, each with its own temple, one for Pachamama and the other for Pachatata, or, Father and Mother Cosmos. Here we will have the entire morning to connect with these places of power and also with the profound energy of mother Lake Titicaca.

After lunch, we will say goodbye to our host families and swim in the womb of Pachamama – Lake Titicaca before returning to Puno in the afternoon.

Lodging: Qalasaya Hotel

July 23 – Day 21: AMARU MURU

Today we will journey south along the shores of the lake towards the temple of Aramu Muru, a sacred doorway carved into the solid rock of the mountain. Many believe this to be the place where the Andean deity of Wiroqocha departed from this world, making it an inter-dimensional doorway. Today will be a full day of medicine to go deep into the powerful energies of this area and to work with the invisible masters of light. We will celebrate our powerful journey this evening with dinner and joyful gathering.

Lodging: Qalasaya Hotel


Full morning integration Circle. After all we have been through and learnt, about ourselves and this incredible culture, we will gather in Circle to consolidate our time together and integrate, before making our journey home to radiate all the love & good fortune we have had the extreme blessing to be a part of. It’s hard to adequately express how powerful this journey is, how much love we have for Peru by the end of it, how connected we are to global family, and how many profound changes have taken place.  Gracias amado Perú, estás para siempre en nuestros corazones … <3


  • All accommodation at 3 & 4 star hotels – based on twin occupancy
  • All breakfasts, 12 lunches, 9 dinners for the entire trip (for itinerary including OPTIONAL EXTRA)
  • All transport in private coaches, trains, taxi’s
  • All ancient site entry fees
  • All Paqo (medicine men) guidance fees
  • All Ceremonies
  • All plant medicine
  • All yoga & meditation guidance
Prices quoted are in USD. Price based on minimum 10 Global Pilgrims 

See Terms & Conditions.

Not included:

  • Flights to and fro Cusco/Puno
  • Meals not stated (allow $400 – $500 USD for meals not included)
  • Tips & gratuities
  • Spending money
  • Massage services
  • Personal insurance
  • Upgrade to single room supplement – approximately an extra $1150 USD
  • Accommodation costs prior to / after tour starts according to this itinerary

Cusco round trip: 22 days - $5,295