Aotearoa has some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. From one of the world’s most active super-volcanoes to ancient glaciers that flow to sea-level, to hot waterfalls plunging straight from geothermal springs – they all speak of a land governed by the extremes of nature. The sheer beauty of these extremes is only half the joy of visiting this scenic, Southern country, and it is the other half – the richness of the Maori culture – that makes a journey to New Zealand so magical & unique. The ancient traditions of Aotearoa’s indigenous people provide a powerful & mystical insight into the heart of this beautiful country. Come with us on this life-enhancing pilgrimage as we travel with Maori Warrior Matiu Te Huki across the North & South Islands, unraveling the mystery of the ancient Aotearoan past, connecting authentically with indigenous practice, legend, and belief…  & applying the wisdom of this unique land in ceremony.


Watch Global Pilgrim founder Petra Lane on what to expect on this powerful journey.


Join internationally renowned facilitators Persia Juliet, Petra Lane & Matiu Te Huki as we travel for 13 days through ancient Aotearoa in a profound journey of discovery.  In this ground-breaking program, the region’s most respected shamans, wisdom-keepers & elders have been hand-picked to help us get intimately acquainted with the heart of ancient Aotearoa. While visiting powerful sacred sites across the North & South Islands we are guided to connect with the ancestors of the land – and our own. As we experience the authenticity of traditional Maori culture, ceremony and song, we are guided to connect deeply to the heart of all things. While the soulful expression of this ancient nation is revealed to us, the dynamic and epic diversity of the Aotearoan landscape will astound us – and call us into full presence.

And that’s just the beginning…






While we sink joyfully into the riches of this diverse country – canoeing with Maori tribe down sacred rivers while learning ancient legend, sitting under steaming waterfalls gushing from hot springs after practicing the Haka, sleeping in ancestral marae community after group ceremony – we will also be working in transformational shamanic process to transfigure all that is ready to be alchemised. Think plant medicine on the master mountains of the Southern Alps. Intention-setting every day. Powerful workshops that facilitate deep connection and full-hearted expression. Oh – and laughing — especially laughing! … & …


So much more.  This pilgrimage is the perfect blend of contemporary globetrotter adventure, powerful ancient learning & applied inner mastery … it is guaranteed to deliver you home ‘reset’ on all levels – & deeply invigorated to create a life you love.





Matiu Te Huki has over 20 years experience as a Maori language & performance teacher. As a custodian of the ancient Maori practice the Haka, he travels extensively teaching the Haka to young leaders around Aotearoa. He is an international singer/songwriter & musician, a Maori cultural advisor for national organisations and leader amongst his own communities. A powerful facilitator, Matiu helps us connect more deeply with our internal warrior, our inner leader & speaker, guiding us to stay connected with our ancestors.

Matiu is a powerful expression of the sacred masculine – we are incredibly blessed he will be giving us the beauty of his presence in this pilgrimage of soul. He will guide us in a number of ancient Maori practices (the Haka is just the beginning!), hold concerts that will have our hearts singing and our bodies grooving, and co-facilitate with Petra in their powerfully healing workshop – Way of the Warrior Heart, a ceremony that celebrates and honours the sacred masculine & feminine in us all.



Persia Juliet is, quite simply, one of the most gorgeous people you will ever meet. An international yoga superstar of cosmic proportions, Persia is originally from Vancouver & has been teaching yoga in Canada, NZ, Australia and Bali for over 12 years. She holds retreats and workshops all around the world and has one of the most open-hearted, infectious laughs you will ever come across. Prepare to fall in love! Her classes are a dive into the importance of cycles and the seasons, with the practice we enjoy in the morning, continuing to echo throughout the day.



As a group leader and therapist, Petra Lane is known for the wisdom, integrity & authenticity she embodies, creating a safe container for people to explore deep connection & true empowerment, in this moment. Passionate about the wisdom-keepers of ancient culture, she has created Global Pilgrim as an expression of her reverence for the power & transformation that comes from authentically connecting with ancient wisdom & the medicine of the land. In this journey, she will guide us into the heart of our sacred self through Cacao and Huachuma ceremony, lead us in daily embodiment practice & facilitate workshops that will support our full expression and freedom. For her full bio, please see the ABOUT page.



We are blessed that in addition to these powerhouses, that we will be joined for the entirety of the tour by Michael Fleck. Michael is a fountain of knowledge on Aotearoan culture – he will illuminate many dusky corners to help us gain a full appreciation for the wisdom of this land and its people. Michael is a ‘master’ of Maori land and culture, coordinating arts tours for the Arts Council of New Zealand, and lecture tours for world-renowned artists & visionaries such as Deya Dova & Neale Donald Walsch. He is Lecturer at the University of Hawaii and the University of Auckland – as the founder of the Ecoversity group in Auckland he is known as a powerful change agent, and a catalyst for conscious living. Michael is the heartfelt backbone of this pilgrimage & we are deeply honoured he is choosing to travel with us.



You will be held in a powerful embrace of depth & lightness for the duration of this incredible journey – by us all. Welcome. Kia ora koutou katoa.


Kia hora te marino, kia whakapapa

pounamu te moana,

kia tere karohirohi i mua i tou 


May calm be spread around you,

may the sea glisten like greenstone

and the shimmer of summer

dance across your path.


Our journey starts on the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui – the fish of Māui) on the outskirts of the city of Auckland, as we travel to Waiheke Island to begin our immersion into Maori culture. Our education starts immediately with Matiu guiding us in the importance of Maori customs such as the hongi. Known as the breath of life – the greeting of respect – this traditional greeting is done by touching the noses and foreheads to those we meet. We learn the meaning of these practices so we can weave and integrate with the wisdom they hold for us on the journey, while also authentically meeting with people on our path.


On Waiheke we sit in traditional welcoming ceremony with Maikara Ropata. Maikara is the granddaughter of the late, hugely respected Kato Kauwhata, kaumatua (chief) of Piritahi Marae, Waiheke Island. On our first official day together, we are privileged that Maikara is available to guide us in tikanga Maori – the values, spirituality, culture, and traditions of the Maori. In what is known as the nations most beautiful marae (community gathering place), we experience with Maikara many of the traditional arts that are a vital expression of the Maori culture – raranga (weaving), kapa haka (group performance) and whaikorero (oration). The intricate whakairo (carvings) in this marae are known to make one shudder with ancient memories. Matiu will lead us in tā moko (tattoo) learning while Maikara shares her ancestral lineage with us over morning tea.


This powerful immersion with Maikara is an example of the depth that continues throughout the whole North Island as we connect with the masters here. We visit 5 of the North Island’s most sacred sites from Maori mythology in our time on the Island. The giant kauri trees connect us with the masters of light. Ambassador for Peace Makuini Ruth Tai takes us on a profound journey into the power of ancient Maori language and chants, illuminating us in rich Maori history – a unique experience that most tourists do not get the opportunity to touch.


Water Shaman Mike O’Donnell takes us on an experiential journey into water ceremony, weaving us with the importance – and magic – of what it means to be ‘at one’ with the waters of life. He will encourage us to be initiated in the power of his beloved stream, Taraariki, which he acknowledges as his teacher for the past 40 years. This will be a deeply cleansing immersion as we carry our intentions into the water, leaving us reborn and reset – the perfect preperation for our ceremony Way of the Warrior Heart with Petra & Matiu. Fusing the strength of the warrior essence with the devotional heart of the feminine, this evening program will have our spirits soaring.


The way-showers we outline in our program live in full respect for Papatūānuku (Mother Earth), Ranginui (Sky Father) & all living beings, existing in a state of balance & harmony, in full connection to themselves & in deep communion with the land around them.  We gain access to this balance as a felt experience as we travel together – we incorporate the traditional practices that cultivate this harmony, and live the wisdom that we are learning.

From here we are privileged to immerse in plant wisdom with elder Gary Cook. Gary takes us quietly through his verdant forest Rivahaven, showing us hands-on, through his incredible technology, how every species of plant has a different song. With birdsong, streams, and magic abounding here, we will not want to leave this peaceful, soulful place. But next is incredible Rotorua, with it’s boiling mud pools, colourful lakes and thick forests.


Finally, we arrive at the dynamic natural force of the 2nd largest lake in Oceania – Lake Taupo – created nearly 2000 years ago by a massive volcanic eruption. Geothermal springs hold great spiritual significance for Maori – used for therapy, bathing, cooking and heating purposes, they are known as an integral part of Maori tradition. We begin our journey with them on this powerful thermal plateau, immersing in their warm beauty under the light of the full moon by the Lake.


Working with the Haka with Matiu in this sacred place, we hike around Lake Rotorpounamu (lake of the greenstone) while working in ceremony, integrating later in the volcanic hot springs of Tokaanu, and sleeping high up in the mountains at the infamous Alpine Lodge in the National Park.


Whanganui River is known as a living entity. After a 170 year battle between the Government and Maori, it was given official status as a person. After canoeing with Whanganui in traditional chant and prayer with the local Maori tribe, we sit together for a traditional feast by the riverside. A hangi is prepared for us – dinner cooked in a fire pit in the ground, before games, songs & music. Later in the night we connect with the locals by sharing stories of our ancestors and sleeping together in the traditional way, in the Whare Nui of the marae, dreaming with our ancestors.


Wellington is our final stop on the North Island, a place of great spiritual significance and where we connect with well-known Maori shaman Hirini Reedy, learning Maori wisdom from this deeply connected bushman/healer/teacher while taking in the infamous time capsule that is the Te Papa Museum.

From here we flow to the waters of greenstone, Te Wai Pounamu – the South Island of Aotearoa. We journey by ferry across the Cook Strait, through the magnificent Marlborough Sounds and onward to Kaikoura, with her seals lining the shores, learning of the rich cultural heritage the Maori’s have to the whale kingdom. In Christchurch we continue our work with masculine/feminine polarity through the Intimacy & Attraction® workshop with Petra. This journey powerfully explores the realms of heartful connection and sexual polarity in our own lives and with others.


From here we make our way to the power that are the master mountains of the Southern Alpine Range, preparing for our journey with Huachuma, medicine of the heart. The site here for ceremony is a truly magical and mystical place, an alpine haven of ancient elders and masters of light. After integrating this powerful journey, we move to the West Coast of the South Island.


The pounamu (greenstone) is known as the God Stone of the Maori people. Mick Collins, an extraordinary elder and carver, guides us in the intricacies of its essence. Here in the ancient, windblown West, we hike through coastline and work with the caves of ancient learning, before preparing for Cacao Ceremony. We soak in the stillness & beauty of the West Coast for a day, integrating the depth and power of this incredible journey.


Our final full day takes us back to Christchurch on one of the world’s greatest train rides, the TranzAlpine. Moving through mountain vistas and wide-open plains, this epic adventure gives us one final thrill as we return home to Christchurch for our last celebratory night together.


Arrive Auckland. Relax & enjoy the sights until early afternoon, when we travel to the summit of ancient volcano Mt Victoria, for our welcome & blessing to this sacred land.

From the coastal village of Devonport, we board the ferry to Waiheke Island, known for it’s beautiful beaches & gastronomic delights. Rated as the fifth-best destination to visit in the world, we begin our immersion to this special spot at Feniche Restaurant, enjoying local produce as we gather for our first meal together.

Evening program: Matiu will lead us in respectful greetings & cultural practices in preparation for the journey ahead. Petra will prepare our offering together (Despacho) to give thanks & praise for our arrival to this powerful region of the world, landing our prayers for the journey each of us is about to embark on.

Accommodation: Kiwi House, Waiheke Island


“I plant my feet within the soil of Papatūānuku.

I feel her rhythm.

I am her, she is me.”

Maikara Ropata

Early morning yoga, meditation & embodiment practice on the land of Waiheke.

After breakfast, we immerse in a traditional Maori welcome (powhiri) with powerful wisdom-keepers Maikara Ropata & Puawai Ormsby at Piritahi Marae. They will lead us in sacred cultural songs, practices & beliefs to support us in grounding our journey of soul.

After lunch we board the ferry back to Devonport & travel to two forests to connect with the giant Kauri trees. These ancient beauties are living legends, known to reduce people to tears for their beauty & power. 3 hours here for deep listening, learning & ceremony, receiving the teachings from the masters of this incredible site. After dinner we travel to the peaceful Sharda Centre for our evening program.

Evening program: Storytelling & song with Maori host Eila Paul

Accommodation: Sharda Centre, Tuakau


Early morning yoga, meditation & embodiment practice in the quiet forest.

After breakfast we are welcomed by Maori elder & wisdom-carrier Makuini Ruth Tai. Makuini is famous for bringing the light of ancient wisdom into language, learning & life. She will introduce us to our AROHA Birthright as we ‘reset’ with ancient chants; & enlighten us on the deep power, vibration & intention of Maori language… and how it connects with other first-nation languages.

After lunch we travel to the sacred stream & gardens of famous water shaman Mike O’Donnell (aka ‘The Waterman’). Mike will take us on an experiential journey into the magic & mystery of what it means to be at one with the waters of life. Through deep connection in water ceremony & through storytelling, he will open our hearts & minds to the empowerment of knowing the gardener, the artist & the healer within us all.

Evening program: Way of the Warrior Heart (Sacred Masculine-Feminine Embodiment Cacao Ceremony) with Petra & Matiu

Accommodation: Kai Mai View Motel, Katikati

Link: Trailer for film ‘Water Whisperers’ that Mike is featured in –


Early morning yoga, meditation & embodiment practice.

After breakfast we arrive at to the magical gardens of Rivahaven – the home estate of elder Gary Cook. Gary is a well-known sacred site archaeologist of Aotearoa’s ancient past. He powerfully connects us with the truth that all plants are conscious… & grounds that reality by giving us a unique opportunity to hear the song of the plants. This is a profoundly heart-opening experience. With time to forest-bathe, we connect quietly with the consciousness around & within, that unites us, as One. After our picnic lunch in Rivahaven we travel to nearby Rotorua to connect with sacred sites & the masters held within them.

Later in the day we visit Great Lake Taupo, sculpted over time from the healing caldera of the Taupo Volcano, known for it’s deep cultural & spiritual significance to the Maori people. Time to connect with the waters here; after dinner we soak in the geothermal hot pools under the light of the full moon, the perfect end to a powerful & healing day.

Accommodation: Tauhara Centre, Taupo


Early morning yoga, meditation & embodiment practice overlooking the lake.

Here in Lake Taupo we are near the Birthplace of the Haka. After breakfast Matiu will lead us in this ancient practice, connecting us both with our inner balance – & the power we hold within. Healthy expression of our inner fire helps free-flowing qi, activates our strong will, clarifies boundaries & empowers communication. We will carry & explore this energy as we connect with the mighty Huka Falls & hike along NZ’s longest river – the Waikato. After lunch we head to Tongariro National Park with its three mighty volcanoes, beginning our work with cacao in ceremony. At sacred, forest-enclosed Lake Rotorpounamu, we will work with this gentle plant medicine while connecting with the masters of light, later integrating with a soak in Tokaanu’s volcanic hot springs.

Evening program: Song & dance with Matiu

Accommodation: The historic Alpine Lodge, National Park


Yoga, meditation & embodiment practice in the fresh morning air, high in the alpine range, under the brilliant blue sky.

After breakfast (and an egg hunt! To celebrate Easter – Ostara – and the spirit of renewal) we drive into the bush to the village of Raetihi (“prominent summit”) for lunch. There we meet the Maori family who will be our guides as we canoe down the Whaganui River, a highly sacred & revered waterway for the local Maori iwi (tribe). Whaganui River is considered an indivisible & living whole – Te Awa Tupua. In 2017 it became the first landmark in the world to be recognised as a living entity, being granted legal status as a person. While we canoe with this living being, we celebrate the blessing of this ancient connection & reverence through traditional chants & prayer.

Dinner, ceremony & entertainment will be at the local marae. A marae is a communal, sacred meeting ground which provides a place to eat, sleep, and be in religious/educational experience. A focal point of Maori communities, marae’s are grounded firmly in the notion of interdependence, togetherness – it is not only a center for living, but also a means of staying connected to spiritual ancestors. After dinner & ceremony, we sleep ‘marae style’ in the Whare Nui – house of the ancestors.

Accommodation: Marae on the riverside


Early morning (swim!) yoga, meditation & embodiment practice on the riverbank.

After breakfast & fare-welling our hosts we drive to Wellington, capital of NZ & one of it’s great cultural & spiritual landmarks. Wellington is a beautiful, energetic city on a magnificent harbour entry to the Cook Strait. After lunch on the waterfront, we are joined by powerful Maori shaman Hirini Reedy – “We must start to create new ceremonies, technologies & ideologies that weave the past into the present as a living cloak for the future.” Hirini will anchor in us the ancient wisdom of Aotearoa, lead us deeper in the Haka… & lead us through the beautiful, heritage listed Museum in a powerful journey of rememberance.

Evening free to walkabout & explore this gorgeous city.

Accommodation: Bay Plaza Hotel, Wellington


After an early breakfast we board the Interislander ferry for the spectacular 3-hour crossing of the Cook Strait. Arriving on the South Island of Aotearoa, in the port village of Picton, we feast on a picnic lunch on the waterfront. Our mini-bus brings us along the east coast to Kaikoura, a beautiful town known for many species of whale (paikea) feeding offshore in a deep nutrient-rich chasm. Here we will stop to explore the strong cultural affinity the Maori tribes have to this magnificent creature & connect with the power they hold. Later in the day we arrive in Christchurch, having time to stroll through the Botanical Gardens before dinner – then preparing to invite deep connection, experience relaxed heart opening, and create strong erotic tension in the workshop this evening.

Evening program: Intimacy & Attraction Workshop with Petra

Accommodation: Rolleston Ave YMCA, Christchurch

Photo credit: Dean Whiting / Whale Watch Company NZ


This morning we visit the award-winning SHE Universe cacao restaurant. Overlooking stunning Diamond Harbour, we indulge in one of NZ’s favourite hot chocolates at the Café & buy gifts for home, before journeying into the nearby Southern Alpine range.

In Aotearoa the mountains, the maunga, are held in utmost respect. Each mountain is named after an ancient ancestor & are considered the highest order of sacred. While in the force-field of these master mountains in the Alps, we visit the site of the sacred stones to hear the story of the pre-Maori peoples.

At the Place of Higher Learning & Place Where Time Began, an incredible sacred site of elders, we begin our work with the light of Huachuma (San Pedro), traditional Plant Medicine of the Heart. Huachuma has the power to re-code DNA, re-connect neural pathways to love / connection & release trauma. Today will be a day of medicine to go deep into the potent energies of this area & to work with the invisible masters of light. We will celebrate our powerful journey this evening with dinner, song & sound healing.

Evening program: Sound healing with Matiu

Accommodation: The infamous Flock Hill Lodge, near Arthur’s Pass


Early morning gratitude/integration circle on the farm, in the fresh alpine air.

After breakfast we take the breath-taking route through Arthur’s Pass & Otira Gorge to Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island, where we meet greenstone carver Mick Collins. Known as a local treasure, Mick is a native bushman & master carver of pounamu – the unique New Zealand jade known as greenstone. Pounamu is a sacred stone of the Maori – a stone of peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change, and awakening. Found only on the West Coast, Mick will initiate us in the power, significance & origins of this precious stone as we align with its essence. From there we drive along stunning coastline to the Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki & Paparoa National Park. Here we connect with the spirit of this wild place of power, its blowholes & the 30 million year old rock formations that make this area famous. We will celebrate our journey together with dinner in the historic Punakaiki Tavern.

Accommodation: Te Nikau Lodge, Punakaiki


Early morning yoga, meditation & embodiment practice, nestled in the native bush.

Free day here on the wild, wonderful West Coast, in cosy Te Nikau Retreat, amid powerful forces of land & sea, adjacent to Paparoa National Park. Here we will have the entire morning/early afternoon to reflect, connect with this special area through coastal walks, bush time, journaling and play. Then – it’s time to go deep in sacred space to powerfully land our prayers going forward… dance, meditation, inner process, beauty.

Afternoon program: Cacao Ceremony with Petra. Song & sound healing with Matiu.

Accommodation: Te Nikau Lodge, Punakaiki


Early morning, depending on the time of low tide (praying for perfection!), we trek through the unspoiled sub-tropical rainforest to the Truman Track Beach & onward to the caves of ancient learning. Time for deep connection & listening.

Returning to Greymouth, we board the TranzAlpine train for the famous 4-hour journey to Christchurch! This incredible journey is regarded as one of the world’s great train experiences – we travel 223 kilometres through epic vistas & high into the Southern Alps, along the edges of ice-fed Waimakariri River & past miles of ancient beech forest. It’s the perfect way to say ‘goodbye’ to this incredible land!

Farewell dinner … & after all we have been through and learnt, about ourselves and this incredible culture, we will gather in Circle to consolidate our time together and integrate, before making our journey home to radiate all the love & good fortune we have had the extreme blessing to be a part of.

Accommodation: Rolleston Ave YMCA, Christchurch


One more loved-up breakfast, then goodbyes, and shuttle to the airport for flights onward.


  • All accommodation based on twin occupancy for 12 nights
  • All breakfasts, 2 lunches, 4 dinners for the entire trip
  • All transport in private coaches, trains & ferries as per itinerary
  • All cultural programs / excursions / wisdom-keeper activities
  • All Museum / National Park / Hot Spring entry fees
  • All ceremonies
  • All plant medicine
  • All yoga & meditation facilitation with Persia Juliet
  • All embodiment practices, ceremonies & workshops with Petra Lane
  • All ancient practices, concerts & workshops with Matiu Te Huki

Prices quoted are in AUD. Price based on minimum 10 Global Pilgrims.  

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Not included:

  • Flights to and fro New Zealand
  • Meals not stated (allow $250 – $450 AUD for meals not included)
  • Tips & gratuities
  • Spending money
  • Personal insurance
  • Accommodation costs prior to / after tour starts according to this itinerary

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